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There have been a few changes on the website.  First, I have added a logo, and that change has brought along more changes.  I have decided to make the website broader in scope.  GMAR S.P.O.R.T.S. is an acronym for the website, and goes as follows: S. is Sports, P. is Products, O. is for Opinion, R. stands for Real Life, T. is my Travels, and S. is for Sportswagers.  You can see the focus of the site is still sports/sportswagers.  I really feel that the  sportswagers acumen will continue to grow as time passes.  It is my hope FanDuel, Z Code Sports Predictions, and  Draft Dashboard Daily Fantasy Sports will make this website a place to go.

There is sports betting throughout the world.  In May 2018, The US Supreme Court struck down the federal law banning single-game wagering.  This ruling allows the states to enact laws regarding sports betting. 

Presently, the following states have sports wagering - Arkansas,  California, Colorado,  Connecticut,  Delaware,Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York. North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Washington DC, West Virginia.

  Online betting is the fastest growing segment of the massive European gambling industry. This huge market is home turf for some of the biggest online betting brands in the world.  European betting sites focus primarily on sports popular across the continent, with localized sites providing coverage of national leagues and sporting events. Sports covered include soccer, tennis, rugby, and European hockey.  Top European brands also provide extensive coverage of major North American sports including American football (NFL), basketball (NBA), baseball (MLB), hockey (NHL) and American college sports (NCAA). 

 In Asia, Macau is the Las Vegas of the east.  Sports wagering tournaments have already been run in Macau locations.  As always, you need to be sure of the laws of where you plan to sports wager. Click below to shop, and purchase on my ZCode Sports Prediction Page. 

There other sections that will help bring more people to the site.  They are Weight Loss, Cinderella Solution and Custom Keto Diet.  Vert Shock,  how to improve your vertical.  Consistent 

Golf improve your golf game.  Finally, Products  or better described as e-Products.

The Primary Sports experience that I have is in coaching.  A 20+ year career involving youth pre high school, and high school in the following major sports: football, basketball, and baseball.  The time I spent coaching, helped me to become an involved feeling person as well as a coach.  The coach side always drove the players to become better at the sport they choose to play through high effort practices.  Team practice scrimmage games were always a venue to teach , using what happened, and how to prevent it.  Practice also included high intensity workouts, and the explanation of why this activity was important to the team's record.  I always stressed winning was fun, and we as a team should strive to achieve it,  But losses were handled differently.  I took the responsibility of the loss, stressed that it was a team loss, and no one person should feel they were the major reason for defeat.  And because they were young people, I would like to tell them in defeat, it was OK to go home, relax, forget the game, realize their parent's  love them, and that is what is important.

A final statement - As an Amazon, and ClickBank Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

NFL Football Players


Some of this website will talk sports, and give opinion regarding play.  The game is important to the player, but the person who performs sports betting has skin in the game too.  So, sports wagering has to be considered part of the excitement of the sports game!!

NHL Hockey Player in a Breakaway

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Today's world is changing' and sports wagering and fantasy leagues are growing throughout the world.  It is important to know the sports betting rules that affect you in your local area.  I predict that there will be a day that sports wagering will be legal in all fifty US, Europe, and Asia.

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